Where is Morpheus?

Dune, Dream, Morpheus!

Have you watched the movie Dune? Did you notice the words at the beginning of the movie? “Dreams are messages from the deep…”

Dreams have always been important since ancient times. Sometimes they told us what tactics we should use in wars, and sometimes who the next emperor should be. Dreams sometimes tell the future. Sometimes they reveal the mystery of the past…

At the point where we are today, every invention continues to start with dreaming. How many people do you think have dreamed of flying before the airplane was invented? It is first imagined and finally realized.

We talked about the movie Dune. We don’t want to give spoilers, so we won’t talk about what happens in the movie. But we want to repeat that message from the beginning of the movie. “Dreams are messages from the deep…” We started to construct a new dream world with our team, which takes advantage of advanced technologies. When we started dreaming about this, Facebook haven’t changed its name to Meta yet. But we all knew that things would get to this point. We have all four seasons in our dreams. We have embroidered an emotion into each of our dreams. We have different times of the day in our dreams. We have different categories of places in our dreams… In fact, we have built a world in accordance with our purpose, and we have started to design that world in a way that we can all take part in. We all have a dream and we have presented our dreams to you without forgetting any detail. Every dream has a message… Can you hear it?

I want to tell you about Morpheus here. If you notice, there is no Morpheus, known as the god of dreams, in our team. This was on purpose. Because that’s exactly what we want from you… to be Morpheus. In fact, you are all part of our team. We are talking about this now because we want you to know that we are going in the right direction, and we are determined. Things are getting clearer now, aren’t they? Why is Morpheus sitting in that chair in the movie “The Matrix”?

We want to build a world without borders together with you. Do you want to take part in the changing world of Metaverse? A virtual world where you can navigate, see, and play.

Welcome Morpheus.



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