The Time When Everything Started

The master of majestic waves, vast oceans, and terrifying earthquakes! He is the inspiration we need to create such impressive visuals. And our first drawing artist is Poseidon, God of seas and earthquakes.

Music can take us to other dimensions when we close our eyes. Art can show us feelings that we cannot name. Poetry and fire are proof that love and pain can make a person a prophet or even a god. Apollo is the voice of our dreams and the most handsome of our artists…

Goddess of our team… We knew that we needed the power of love and the birth of goodness, and here is Hera, one of our drawing artists… Maybe you can find the answer to the question that has been asked for years in your dreams. Is jealousy part of love? Thanks Hera…

When is courage needed? Maybe it was our courage to put our drawing artists and our AI expert at the same table and take the art one step further. He listened and understood every artist. He developed a separate strategy for each of our drawing artists. And He helped us stay a hundred steps ahead in this battle. Here is the AI engineer and the God of war. Ares…

We are in love with NFT. We are in love with blockchain. This has improved us. Love enhanced us and it is the source of progress. Aphrodite, goddess of love! The real skill is knowing what the goal should be.

When we looked into NFT and Blockchain, we understood that we were on the right path. Artemis, one of our developers, was our main visionary. Where are you pointing your arrow, Artemis? What is our target?

And Dionysus, the god of social life. We are not sure if this is unhealthy, but we admit that we are obsessed with these great NFTs. Dionysus plagued by this obsession the most and made it contagious.



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