How It Started

Gods United

We are group of long-time friends who have been working in tech, mostly in the Bay Area and some of us are remote.

Ares, Aphrodite and Artemis have been working on AI project for the past 5 years. In their spare time, they were playing with visual generation using different AI algorithms. One day they were building a movie scene that is being directed by AI, another day they were working on fake politicians saying funny things. They love talking about this stuff to the point where it would be boring for everybody else.

Poseidon and Zeus joins the team

Around half a year ago, they met Zeus (who is also in the friend group and is an experienced project manager in a large tech company). They were excited; they are always excited about this stuff but this time they were really excited. They were showing some pictures to Zeus and trying to convince him to manage them doing some freak project. Understandably, he was a little hesitant and reserved to say the least. Thankfully, Poseidon came to rescue Zeus from this awkward situation. Just to give you some context, Poseidon is a designer whose taste and knowledge is acknowledged by all of us. So Zeus asked Poseidon what he would think about the pictures. Poseidon said “hahaha, these are unbelievably ugly!”

Thankfully their friendship was able handle this comment, but they started arguing heavily. The heat of the argument reached to a point where they had to leave the café they were at. Objectively speaking the pictures were bad, although Ares, Aphrodite and Artemis are not convinced to this day. As being a nimble manager, Zeus guided the argument to a place where Poseidon was talking about how he would design the pictures and how AI would be an amazing help with his work. The tool that he was talking about did not exist, but our AI nerds were already starting to build it in their mind. As you probably guessed, they started working with Poseidon building an individualized AI assistant for him and it turned out pretty good.

Things started to get clearer

In a few weeks, they started creating amazing looking pictures. In the meantime, Poseidon brought two of his designer friends and they were really interested in playing with this AI assistant. However, they really hated it, and this was an irresistible challenge for our nerds. They figured these two designers had completely different styles from Poseidon, hence the AI assistant was not able to assist them. They needed to develop two separate AI assistants for each of them to truly enjoy the same experience as Poseidon and this would take some time. But the team was determined, and they were already thinking about some big ideas. Two additional designers and their AI assistants were going to be needed, so they built the other two individualized AI assistants.

The team was really excited about the performance of the AI assistants, and they were generating a lot of good-looking pictures. They were coming up with a number of good ideas to build with their newly developed toy. There was one idea that resonated a lot with everybody. It was to create a whole new virtual world that looks and feels like dreams. Some dreams can be wonderful, some can be nightmares. It was going to be a fully immersed 3D VR experience. We wanted the world to be continuous in the sense that you can move between places and interact with them. We wanted to be able live in it and use other NFTs in this world. We wanted it to be the dream land of the metaverse. Hence, we named it DreamVerse.

The idea was very ambitious even for Artemis (one of our AI nerds) who is known for unrealistic optimism. We were not even sure if this was technologically possible in the way that we were imagining. However, everyone was very excited and busy designing and planning every tiny detail of our DreamVerse. At this point, Zeus (thank you our wise manager) shook us up from our dreams and said “Guys! We need time and money.”

Final Plan

So, we came up with a more realistic plan. We know that this project will take a lot of technology development and art work. As the first part of our plan, we are launching DreamVerse NFT. The images in this collection are going to be actual places in the DreamVerse. They can be considered as photographs taken in the DreamVerse. We are creating these NFTs to give you a glimpse of what we are trying to build and raise money to be used for reaching our dreams.



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